4 Types Of Yoga- Wich One Would Suit You The Best?


Yoga isn’t just a form of exercise but rather a way of life for millions of people wordwide. People have practiced yoga for thousands of years, thus it is not strange that many types of it has gained popularity over the years. Sometimes it seems like every other yogi has their own personal stand on how yoga should be executed.

As a beginner it can of course be rather confusing to hear about all these different forms of Yoga. So in this post we would like to cover the four most popular ways of practicing yoga and let you decide wich one would suit you the best.

Hatha yoga

A softer and calmer form of physical yoga where you are not tied to a series of positions. The positions is combined with breathing exercises and different meditation techniques to achieve balance between body and mind.

Good for

Beginners who want to learn the basics of yoga without difficult positions. You will strenghten your body without expectations of psychical strength.

Yoga class


Like Hatha, Vinyasan includes basic position and breath-synchronized movements, with the difference that in Vinyasan yoga, breathing and movements are coordinated in a more dynamic flow between different positions.

In Vinyasa, no two classes are alike as it is the teacher who decides the approach. Some classes are more intense with more powerful positions while others include more meditation and have a more spiritual focus.

Good for

Those who want a varied and physically challenging yoga class where no two classes are alike. Because the classes can vary a lot, you should take your time to find a teacher that you really enjoy.


Ashtanga yoga has sprung from the doctrine of the eightfold path in the Yoga Sutras, an important text in the philosophy of yoga. Ashtanga is a dynamic form of yoga and is often described as one of the most physically demanding.

Characteristic of ashtanga yoga is that you perform a certain number of both sitting and standing positions in a specific order. A class of ashtanga will really strenghten all of your muscles, get your pulse up and make you super flexible.

Good for

If you like structure and a real psychical challenge, this is the right type of yoga for you. However if you are looking for relaxation or variety you should probably look elsewhere.


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a calm and meditative yoga form where the focus is on the body’s yin parts such as connective tissue, joints and ligaments. Each position is held for at least 3-5 minutes, which in addition to softening joints, ligaments and connective tissue, also gives us time to calm our senses.

Good for

For some people Yinyoga can be quite boring because of the slow tempo. But for others this can actually be just what you need. If you for example are a stressed person living in the city, Yinyoga can be very benefitial for you.

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